the last little bit

We've been having lots of fun over here the last week or so! About a week ago Tanner and I went on a cute little Seattle date. First, we went on a picnic to Alki beach and ate some delicious food and then we headed over to Safeco for the Mariners/Angels game! It was such a fun night, and the mariners beat the angels!

Also, a couple nights ago we all got to go to see Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount. My friend, Morgan, got me a ticket and then my whole fam decided to come along. We stopped at Earl's in Bellevue for dinner - which was so good, highly recommend the pulled pork. Then we went in to Seattle for the show. It was H I L A R I O U S. I literally thought I might throw up from laughing so hard, check him out on netflix or youtube because you really will die laughing.

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