This summer I've been working in the golf shop at Newcastle Golf Club, which comes with some perks like mini golf and good practice up at the range. The whole family went to do putt putt this last week and it was so much fun! As we finished up, got to watch the sunset over Seattle which was super pretty. A couple days later a bunch of us went to the driving range to do some practice. Ummm yeah it's harder than it looks. After whiffing the ball like 6 times, I finally got the hang of it somewhat (enough that I could hit the ball farther than like 5 feet ahead of me). I for sure need to practice some more this summer! I'm only working at the course for a couple more weeks so we will definitely be taking advantage of my discount and all that while I still have it!


  1. Golf looks hard! I bet I couldn't hit it farther than 5ft either!

  2. Nice, job Alexis! Always take advantage of work perks! Excited to see you guys in a few weeks!

  3. Man sure looks like a nice course...Jeff wishes he could get up there and take advantage of your work perks!!