our honeymoon

last week Tanner and I were finally able to go on our honeymoon! Yeah I know it's a little late, but we decided to do it at the end of the summer during the short break we had between finishing our jobs and going back to school. We went to San Diego and stayed about a half hour outside the city in Del Mar. It was so beautiful and we had such a great week! We went to the beach almost every day and just enjoyed all the sunshine and ate way too much food (and oreo milkshakes). We got to see some friends and family, go to the temple, do some shopping, go to the horse races and a concert, watch some pretty sunsets, and lots more (and we did all of this while driving our sweet bright red rental mini van). It was great to be able to explore Del Mar and San Diego and spend an entire week just relaxing. Here's some pictures of our trip!
miss ya already San Diego.


  1. So fun!! That is where Jeff and I went and had such a great time! Hope you guys are doing good and we see you soon!